Front-end web

Front-end design and graphics    

Online strategy

Social media / New media

Web governance

Information architecture / Interaction design


​Jane Boas Kirkegaard,
Head of Digital Communication and Information Management,
Group Functions,

Corporate Branding and marketing

​Corporate Branding

​Troels Bjørn Thorn
Head of Corporate Branding
Corporate Branding

​Direct marketing

​Dorthe Rømer Frost
Head of Marketing
Marketing, C&M


​Susanne Westh,
Senior Event Advisor,
Group Reputation,


​End-customer analyses, S&D analyses, internal employee surveys

​Bastian Holm Jerichow,
Manager, Business Insights & Analytics,
Customers & Markets

​Corporate Reputation analyses, campaign testing etc.

​Henrik Holm Erichsen,
Senior Analysist,
Group Reputation,

​Media analyses

​Henrik Holm Erichsen,
Senior Analysist,
Group Reputation,

Media monitoring

​Media monitoring

​Martin Barlebo,
Head of Group Communication,
Group Communication,