DONG Energy’s colour theme is an important part our visual profile. We use our colours to differentiate ourselves and to give life to the design and highlight special messages.


Our colour universe consists of ten permanently defined colours, which are divided into primary colours and secondary colours. The primary colours are red, white, black and gray.

The secondary  colours are light green, dark green, aqua blue, warm blue, orange and yellow.


Primary colours

Red, white, grey and black are the main colours in our visual profile. White conveys airiness and energy and signals that we are an approachable company. Red is our logo colour and is used in all our material. It emphasises the message that we are one of the leading energy companies in Northern Europe with strong Danish roots. Grey and black are neutral colours, which can accompany all colours from the palette.


Secondary colours

The secondary colours are used for accentuating and supplementing the primary colours and are employed for graphics and coloured surfaces for publications and for internet use.
All the secondary colours can be used in tones(tints) 40%, 60% and 80% The colours can also be toned with 20% black.




​Download ready-to-use colour theme for InDesign and Illustrator.

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Colours for InDesign 

Colours for Illustrator

DONG Energy colours

Colour system

Pantone colours (PMS) is a worldwide colour system for colour specification. Pantone is primarily used for printing, for instance, letterheads and for serigraphic prints on merchandise and clothing.

CMYK (4 colour) colour references are used for most publications.

RGB and HEX values are used for electronic media such as websites and PowerPoints.



Foil colour - references are relevant for using the logo for signage.

NCS - references are used for painted surfaces such as walls.

RAL - references are only used where NCS and PMS are not possible.