Graphic elements



Graphs and tablesGraphs and tables

Graphs are designed so that they correspond to the column width of the publications.

The colour choice for graphs is optional. You should, however, avoid red in graphs, where there is no clear reference to DONG Energy as a company. 

Fact boxesFact boxes

​Fact boxes differ from other text by placing it in a coloured box, either in a picture or in connection with the main text.

The coloured box contains transparency when used on a picture. Transparency is depending of the colour used – or massive colour when used on white background.

The width and height of the fact box are flexible and are adapted to the grid on the individual publication formats.


​Highlights are used for highlighting figures with limited amounts of text.

They are designed as fact boxes with a line on the left which corresponds to the volume of text.


​Bullets are designed as squares, and must always correspond to the colour of the text. The size can vary depending on the point size of the text.


Icons are only used when illustrating our business activities or as navigational elements on our digital platforms. They are not to be used as sub identities for projects or initiatives across the group. 

All icons must follow a standard design being the square with rounded corners. All DONG Energy colours can be used, but only one colour at a time. The illustration is always white on a coloured background.

At your ease we have developed at set of standard icons to be used when showing our business activities. They can be used in printed material or in powerpoint presentations.

Contact Corporate Branding: to receive them.





​Graphs and tables
Guidelines for creating graphs and tables

Fact boxes, highlights and bullets
Guidelines for creating fact boxes, highlights and bullets