​Style and tone

Our images are key identity markers. To ensure a consistent impression of a business with diverse activities, DONG Energy’s images are based upon seven words that encapsulate the essence of our company:  

  • Pure
  • Natural 
  • Raw 
  • Quality
  • Craft 
  • Scandinavian
  • Honest

The seven words must be evident in all our images and provide the framework for a clear and consistent image style, which gives DONG Energy its own expression.


Picture style

When working with pictures, there are two important factors to bear in mind - choice of motif and style of image. While you have a free choice of motif, the style of image must always be adhered to.


Our colour scale should be simple, contrasted, with a warm and human touch. Adding a slightly warmer tone, makes it less cold and corporate and more warm and human.


We have divided our images into six categories:


Nature is energy. With equal parts wisdom and respect we use the gifts of nature to sustain modern life.


Transforming resources to energy in the most respectful and efficient way is our business. We continuously scout nature and science for new ways to utilise resources better.


Transforming resources to meet modern energy needs requires profound craftsmanship.


Providing energy depends on great engineerical constructions:
Offshore wind farms, power stations, platforms and office buildings.


Urban life craves energy. Energy is the backbone of progress allowing businesses to grow, culture to blossom and people to thrive.


Energy enables us to live a modern life - to power homes, drive cars, use technology and to feed and clothe us.


By adding natural elements, we show that DONG Energy crafts and develops the best energy possible from the natural resources.


The expression should be approachable, and we prefer to use our own staff to tell the company’s story. Please note, that an image with an employee can no longer be used, when the person is no longer employed by DONG Energy.


Cut out images

Cut out images can be used whenever relevant as a way to create light and air, and it creates a simple and modern look.



DONG Energy has a company agreement (for Denmark) with two professional photographers, Jon Norddahl and Thomas Priskorn. This is in order to ensure that our photos have the correct DONG Energy expression.

Always contact one either Norddahl or Priskorn when you need new photos taken.

For official portraits, always contact Thomas Priskorn.


​Jon Norddahl
+ 45 20 92 32 32
​Thomas Priskorn
+ 45 26 25 25 80



Use rights

​DONG Energy has user rights to all images in DONG Energy's image bank. All models should be aware that the pictures can be used in all types of contexts that relate to DONG Energy.

When taking new photographs, it is important that you clear the rights to the images and ensure that any models have accepted the conditions of the photographic shoot.


Picture permission(PDF)