Our Word-templates

​A wide range of templates have been created to make your job easier when writing letters, memos and reports.
It also ensures that all our internal and external written communication has a coherent look.

All templates have a field on the right (the colophon) containing basic information, i.e. company name, telephone numbers, e-mail, date, reference number, document number etc.


The information varies according to document type and workplace. Some workplaces have document handling systems that require special data fields. Consequently, you may find that a note, for example, does not always contain the same information.




​Use the letterhead template when writing standard letters or replying to external recipients.


​Use the memo template when writing a brief description or status for either internal or external use. The note is often sent out with a compliments slip and is often intended for several recipients.


​Use the report template when writing a longer description or status, which perhaps requires a list of contents. The report is often sent out with a compliments slip. Also to be used for articles in publications.

Meeting noticeMeeting notice

​Use a meeting notice when you want to call a meeting. The template contains fields for the date, meeting participants, agenda etc.


​Use a minutes template for writing minutes after a meeting. The minutes can either be sent out as an e-mail attachment or with a compliments slip in an envelope.

Compliments slipCompliments slip

​Use a compliments slip template when sending very short messages, enclosed appendices or items (e.g. a cd). The compliments slip can contain a short message and/or boxes for checking off as appropriate.


​Use a fax template when sending information via fax; perhaps with appendices

Board noteBoard note

​The board note is used by the board of directors for recording decisions. [Not generally accessible]

Group recommendationGroup recommendation

​The group recommendation template is used for proposing recommendations to group management. As a general rule, the management group writes the recommendations for group management.
[Not generally accessible]

Press releasesPress releases

​The press release template is used by the management board, communication and HR for writing press releases.
[Not generally accessible]