Publications and brochures​

Publications are an important part of our brand. Three standard formats have been defined for DONG Energy's publications: A4, A5 and M65.

All publications must adhere to a set of rules that ensure cohesion and a strong visual profile. Our publications and brochures are characterised by:

  • DONG Energy logo in the lower right corner on the front and back page 
  • Felbridge DONG Energy typeface
  • Our imagery
  • DONG Energy's colours

In the download box on the right, you will find InDesign templates in standard formats ready for use.


Identification of printed material

All printed material must have an 8-digit number that refers to a product or segment. The number should be placed in an upright position on the left of the publication. The exact position is given in the InDesign templates.


Natural energy postcard for private customers:


The numbering system is administered by
Customers & Markets marketing department.
To get a number, please contact:


Ann-Cathrine Tinsfeldt




​Download PDF guidelines and ready-to-use templates for InDesign set out explicitly how to create publications.

Guidelines for creating publications

A4 template for InDesign

A5 template for InDesign 

M65 template for InDesign 

210x210 template for InDesign