External banners




​Text, pictures and graphic elements can be animated in order to generate attention and dynamism in the banner. Animation, however, should be used with some restraint. Although we want to attract attention, the animation must not be annoying or distracting. Our logo may never be animated.


​In general, our logo must be visible throughout the animation. (Exceptions can be made for small formats such as 125x125 and 234x60).

The free zone rules around the logo also apply to our external banners. The logo may not rotate or be animated.

Colours and fontsColours and fonts

​The general rules for colours and fonts also apply to external banners. See Key elements


​When the background colour is white, a light grey (#B5BAAF) frame must be placed around the banner.


​Please be aware of the distributor’s requirements for link reproduction. Often it is not the direct path to the desired link that has to be integrated in the flash, but a “ClickTAG”.

Backup gifBackup gif

​Besides the flash banner, a backup gif for each banner must be supplied in the event of the user not having a flash plug-in installed on his computer.

Use of pictures and animation in the banner increases the file size. Consequently, the picture quality must often be reduced to obtain the desired file size. Whenever possible, the backup GIF should not be animated.

Secondary messages may have to be eliminated in order to make space for the main message in a frame.





​Download guide for creating external web banners

Guideline for creating web banners