Corporate and subsidiary websites

​We strive towards an external corporate web site that
compare with the best in the world. A website that reflects an innovative and professional company and provides a dynamic platform for DONG Energy's external messages.


Our vision

Our digital platform and the related channels are of paramount importance to the execution of our business strategy. Therefore we must at all times optimise our digital presence to create loyalty and trigger actions towards the DONG Energy brand by inspiring, influencing and motivating our stakeholders.


Our corporate web platform consists of various digital channels (VITAL, extranet and internet sites). These channels are our Group’s most important touch points when communicating business strategy, goals and objectives. The platform plays a key role in our work to sustain and develop our brand.


We want our external corporate channel (.com) to be the single point of entry to our digital universe. It should be the touch point that external users access when they seek information on our company.


As a single point of entry we must make it easy for our users to get access to all our digital services on all levels.


Creating design for external sites

Please refer to the style guide below when creating design to our external platforms. The style guide describes the various page layouts and graphic elements needed to create the design.



For employees

​Please refer to communication portal on VITAL for guidelines on writing to our websites.

Visit the portal here




​Download extensive styleguide for creating design to .com

Styleguide .com