​The Intranet is a key support tool that helps all parts of our company achieve their objectives, and supports the company in meeting its strategic business goals as expressed in our corporate strategy.


The design on VITAL is controlled by a master style sheet that provides different page layout for the users and editors.


In order to make VITAL a dynamic and up-to-date hub for our employees it is important to create a visual experience and hierarchy so all pages do not look the same. This is done by choosing the right graphic elements such as images, banners or flash animations to create attention and variation on the site.



Images are an important part of the DONG Energy identity and should reflect our brand position and core values. The illustrations should always serve a purpose – add to the content or experience. As a rough guideline images should not be too complex.


When adding images to the site it is important to follow the page grid structure. Images larger than the allowable widths in pixels will make the page break.


Image sizes are defined for each template. This makes it easy to implement and to ensure a consistent look and feel. Download the guide to the right for image sizes (see section 5.4).




​Download extensive styleguide for creating design to VITAL




Campaign banners for VITAL

​Campaign banners is used to promote different initiatives within DONG Energy. If you need help creating a banner please contact:

​Lone Pedersen
Tlf. +45 99 55 96 94